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Garage Door Installation

Get a New Garage Door Installed – Atlanta, GA Area

The professional team at Manor Garage Door can enhance your home experience and curb appeal in the Atlanta, GA area with a professional garage door installation. With warranties and guarantees to help you feel secure about your new door, you can fully relax after a visit from Manor.

Selecting the Right Garage Door

You’re not on your own when deciding on a new garage door. It’s normal to feel a little confused and overwhelmed about a purchase this important. If you are wholly decided on what you want, all you have to do is get in touch with us! But if you do need a little extra guidance, here is our advice:

  • Material – You’ll have the choice of steel, aluminum, wood and vinyl doors. Steel is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Aluminum comes in many modern styles that you may prefer. Wood doors give a timeless, beautiful look, and vinyl doors are an affordable and durable option.
  • Style – Common styles of garage doors are classic, carriage and contemporary. Any style you get will use today’s technology, so you can fully enjoy whatever look you want.
  • Design – Some design features that you might want to consider for your new door are windows, color and decorative features like handles.
  • Performance – If you’re like most homeowners, your door opens and closes at least twice a day. You’ll be affected by its performance more than some may think. Considering energy efficiency, safety, wind load and sound of operation is important for most people.

It’s normal to have a lot of questions. That is what we’re here for! Please call us at 404-996-0988 for further guidance or to get started with a free quote.

Benefits of Choosing Manor For Your Installation

When you choose Manor, you can rest easy knowing that we will install your garage door to manufacturer specifications. You’ll also feel fully cared for with our customer oriented team.

After your service with us, we will be available for any follow-up questions or additional services you may want. Along with your new door, we can provide new garage door openers and other parts.

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